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Jul 26

Favorite New Yorker Cartoons, Submitted by Readers -

(Source: newyorker)

Calca -

As described by John Gruber:

Amazingly clever new app by Frank Krueger. “Calculator” just doesn’t do the concept justice — think Soulver crossed with Markdown crossed with an interactive shell. No explanation will do it justice, you need to look at the examples to get it. The iOS and Mac versions can even share documents via iCloud.

Jul 18

"Child Vision Glasses" Design by Dow Corning -

Adjustable, low-cost glasses

The problem was simple - young people worldwide in developing nations cannot access opticians as they are expensive, unreliable, and many ways unavailable. […] Photo of the adjustable glasses After allowing the adjustments to be done, one can take out the fluid capsules on the sides and the user can enjoy the glasses how they are.


Jul 08

Progressive enhancement is still important -

Progressive enhancement has never been about users who’ve turned JavaScript off, or least it wasn’t for me.
Christian Heilmann re-purposes a Mitch Hedberg observation to relate to progressive enhancement. Basically, when an elevator fails, it’s useless. When an escalator fails, it becomes stairs. We should be building escalators, not elevators.
Given the diversity of user agents, your JS failing isn’t an edge case. Sometimes it’ll be the browser’s fault, sometimes yours.

Jul 05

Enough with the JavaScript already! -

Nicholas C. Zakas on the blind client-side-everything trend.

Jun 30

Look, and Feel -

Affordances are the baby to skeuomorphism’s bathwater. When they engage our instincts just right, they create an emotional bond, and the unfamiliar becomes inviting. Without them, it’s just pictures under glass. It makes no difference how flat, how deep, how minimal, or how ornate the look-and-feel is if it can’t show us, when we look, how to feel.


Jun 27

There are no small changes -

Agreeing to features is deceptively easy. Coding them rarely is. Maintaining them can be a nightmare. When you’re striving for quality, there are no small changes.


Bob Mankoff picks his 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons -

The cartoon editor of the New Yorker magazine selects some of his favorite “idea drawings” from across the years.