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Jan 09

Unify – Unicode support on browsers and devices -

Unify - Utility showing unicode support across browsers, screen readers and devices, and support when used as the character for a @font-face icon


A DAY AT THE PARK | Kostas Kiriakakis -

I would never trade a question for an answer…
… I can’t really see the long term profit.


Oct 16

The Adventures of Flatman -

Sometimes I think that I’m surrounded by idiots everywhere. Then I remind myself that that’s exactly what an idiot would think.

Abstruse Goose

Sep 16

Normalising Designs For Better Quality CSS -

Harry Roberts (@csswizardry) on cheating on design to achieve scalable, maintainable and fast CSS.

We don’t deliver designs, we deliver websites.
Make compromises for the sake of build quality.

Look at the pages referenced in the bottom right-hand corner, interesting details that I guess were originally delivered orally.

Sep 13

Fantastic animated illustrations by Robin Davey -


Sep 12

Don't trust me: I might be a spook -

Colin Percival on using Open Source cryptography, where public scrutiny can prevent government backdoors.



Jul 31


Jul 26

Favorite New Yorker Cartoons, Submitted by Readers -

(Source: newyorker)

Calca -

As described by John Gruber:

Amazingly clever new app by Frank Krueger. “Calculator” just doesn’t do the concept justice — think Soulver crossed with Markdown crossed with an interactive shell. No explanation will do it justice, you need to look at the examples to get it. The iOS and Mac versions can even share documents via iCloud.